World Battle (Game of Battles): A Copy of Clash of Clans with a Modern Theme

I have to say Clash of Clans is by far one of the most successful mobile games no matter on the App Store and Google Play. That is why plenty of developers including big companies like 2K Games, Gameloft, and Microsoft (Age of Empires: World Domination) were, are and will be copying such type of game.

Today, I have been told a game called World Battle is released for Android that plays similarly to Clash of Clans. In fact, there had been a game called Game of Battles out there that is definitely the same game with World Battle. What is different is World Battle is published by NG Creative and Game of Battles is published by Koolgig Studio.

World Battle (Game of Battles) is a total copy of Clash of Clans. Everything from sound, troops, heroes and structures are copied from Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, just under a modern theme. Such copycat immediately reminds me of GREE’s Call to Arms.

At this moment, the game does not add the clan wars, but if you don’t bother playing a copycat of Clash of Clans, just take a try on this game.

4 thoughts on “World Battle (Game of Battles): A Copy of Clash of Clans with a Modern Theme

  1. sorry to say but clash of clans is the one copying

    there was a game a few years back called backyard monsters though it wasnt on mobile it was the same exact concept main base defenses and troops attack other players bases or pogress through story mode everything is exactly the same except for the text and sprites

    im not saying backyard monsters was the first of this type of game but its the first i can recall there may be even older versions

    1. It’s one thing to say Clash of Clans took the concept of Backyard Monsters (I remember playing Warcraft in the 90’s then Starcraft), but it’s another to take things that are so unique to Clash of Clans that it’s an obvious rip-off, and I think this site is partly showing that but also showing clones (which I want to play) because Clash of Clans is the most popular and that will get the most hits for gamers who want similar games. Duh!

  2. Why does Game of Battles use the same music as Boom Beach? Are NG Creative and Koolgig Studio some off-shoot of Supercell? Are they ripping off the game and each other? Are they installing spyware and viruses on my phone?

  3. I found another World Battle clone in the iOS store, called Action World Wars by Lingying Dong. Obviously there’s some cloning going on by some Chinese person or company, and my guess is they’re either trying to spam their way to profitability or spy on people.

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