2 thoughts on “My Best Battle Loot

  1. Have you figured out a way to NOT destroy a castle until you have defeated all of the towers in the ‘plaza area’ right in front of the castle?
    My troops go straight to the castle and destroy it before I – alone can destroy the towers defending the plaza.
    Kinda frustrating…

  2. This past week, I had one individual come and attack my kingdom TEN times everyday. First of all that’s kind of rude…but he didn’t get much each time he attacked. So I went to HIS kingdom..one time …and totally conquered him. Did he get it? No… He was back the next day he attacked ten more times…not much loot…so I went once again and conquered him again. The third time, I ended up carting away almost 140,000 gold coins! My suggestion to others is at least be polite…attack once and move to another..and don’t spend lots of food only to loot 115 coins!

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