Kingdom Clash: Another Strategy Game Like Clash of Clans

If you were following our website, you would probably know a lot of new games that take on the gameplay of Clash of Clans. Today, I would like to share you guys another new strategy game called Kingdom Clash, which is pretty much similar to Clash of Clans.

Kingdom Clash is published by FireMocha/Storm8, a well-known mobile game publisher behind Dragon Story, Castle Story, etc.. The game immediately reminds me of Storm8’s Castle Story in terms of graphics and mission system, but as I followed missions to perform actions, I found Kingdom Clash is nothing but a ripoff of Clash of Clans.

Unlike Clash of Clans, Kingdom Clash gives you three-day protection shield and during this period, you can maximize your efforts of building structures, training or upgrading troops, looting resources from NPC kingdoms. After 3 days of building, your Kingdom will be open for attack from other Players. If you choose to attack players before the 3 days are up, your Kingdom becomes available for attacking.

Another difference from Clash of Clans is that Kingdom Clash features a mission system that allows newbies to easily build their kingdom by following missions. By contrast, Clash of Clans is not newbie-friendly. Some players even complaint they could be easily lost in the game.

Except for these two features implemented, I do not see other noticeable changes in Kingdom Clash. Instead, the game has all annoying things that most players were always complaining about to TeamLava and Storm8. If you played any game of this company, you would find their games are pretty expensive and they does not even offer players free ways to acquire Gems. Kingdom Clash is no exception.

After you complete the first 2-minute tutorial, you will have at most 100 Gems. And even you are pretty short of resources. But I do not have such a problem in Clash of Clans. Anyway, building your Kingdom requires a careful balance of managing your resources, defending your Kingdom and attacking other Kingdoms.

Copycats of Clash of Clans still have potential in the Appstore and Google Play Store if they improve on Clash of Clans and add something new to this already familiar mechanics. Since Storm8 has a lot of fans, i do think this new game would gain a quick and high ranking in the App Store. Let’s see how this game works out!

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  1. Incorrect. Clash of clans gives newbies a three day protection shield as well, but newbies have the option to break the shield early to attack.

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