Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders Resembles Clash of Clans in Many Ways

Cloud Raiders, developed by innoWate and published by Game Insight, is about sky pirates and monsters who get involved into a war in an isolated island. In the game, you need to build your base, train troops, construct defensive structures, produce resources and lead your troops to conquer other pirates or simply defend your own base.

Judging from the brief introduction of the game, I am sure you have already known how the game works and a landscape of a game might come into your mind. Yes, you are right, Cloud Raiders is just another copycat that closely resembles the world’s most popular epic strategy mobile game Clash of Clans.

To be honest, Cloud Raiders did not give me a surprise partly because I have already known it is a ripoff of Clash of Clans, and mostly because It was done not well. Its color scheme is too much like My Country and the whole landscape feels like a 2D static picture. The ocean surrounding your base should really have waves, or at least give it a little animated ripple instead of a blue picture.

Combat, controls and the whole mechanism are just the same as Clash of Clans. If you compare Cloud Raiders with Clash of Clans, you will find the gap between Cloud Raiders and Clash of Clans is too wide to be filled. Even though it feels inferior to IGG’s Castle Clash.

From its visuals to its heroes, Cloud Raiders cannot be considered a pleasure for both casual and strategy gamers.  I cannot believe why Game Insight would still love to publish such type of game especially a game that does not stand out in many ways.

Anyway, Cloud Raiders is now available for worldwide player on Google play. If you are an Android phone or tablet user, you can now visit this link to download this game.

2 thoughts on “Game Insight’s Cloud Raiders Resembles Clash of Clans in Many Ways

  1. Well the reason their aren’t any waves is because its not supposed to be an ocean. The game is called Cloud Raiders Because your in the Sky.

  2. Totally disagree with you. In my opinion Cloud Raiders is far better than clash of clans. I far prefer the graphics and while the premise is the same I find Cloud Raiders more engaging and enjoyable. To be honest I’m finding clash of clans boring and very flat in terms of graphics, with all the hype around it it’s disappointing and doesn’t live up to expectations at all.

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