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League of Shadows

League of Shadows: Dark Fantasy Clan-based Strategy Game

League of Shadows is yet another copycat of Clash of Clans with a dark fantasy theme. It was originally released for Android in Q3, 2013 and lately developer PlayCoMo has released it on iOS.

The core gameplay that made League of Shadows enjoyable contributes to the mechanics of Clash of Clans, even if many of the individual pieces have changed. The art designs reminds me of “League of Legends” and its sounds are pretty good.

As for its downside, you will see your troops that are engaged in the battle won’t survive and you cannot recover it again. This mechanism is also similar to that of Clash of Clans, but a lot of players in the community of Clash of Clans would love to see the fact that surviving troops can be recovered. This way could save a lot of time to build troops for next battle.

Fortunately, IGG has developed Castle Clans to cater for the need of the players. There are a lot of improvements in Castle Clans designed from the perspective of players. But for League of Shadows, it is still changed on the surface.

If you want to give this new game a bump, you can now download it on your iDevices from the App Store by following this link:

Or you can install is on your Android devices by visiting this link: