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Wrap up: Island Raiders, Clash of Zombies, Clash of Mafias, Tribal Rush

Here is a new list of latest strategy games that were inspired by Clash of Clans. If you still love such type games, you can download these games on your Android phones or tablets.

Island Raiders: War of Legends is published by tap4fun, one of Google Play’s verified Top developerS for Android. In theory, most of games on Android with the Google’s officially verified tag are worth a try. Of course, Island Raiders is no reception, The game, which boasts a total of over 1 million downloads, features vibrant graphics and cartoon style characters, which immediately reminds you of Clash of Clans.

Clash of Zombies, previously nozomi, was released last year, but due to its attribute of being stamped with a tag “Clash” in its title, it attracts millions of downloads across the world on Google Play only. This game plays with the same goal of Clash of Clans. You build your kingdom and attack your enemies.

At the end of last year, IGG once again rolled out a reskinned version of its flagship title Castle Clash after a chain of success of reskinned copycats of Clash of Clans from Castle Clash to Clash of Lords and Clash of Lords 2. As the title suggests, Clash of Mafias is all about the clash of mafias. So if you want to start over with a new theme coc, you are good to go play this game.

Tribal Rush is published by R2Game.

Amazing Clan War Stole All Data from Clash of Clans

It has come to my attention that some developers have stolen data from an already-successful game and re-skinned it with a new look. This phenomenon is not new in gaming world and culminates in extremely burgeoning mobile industry, followed by a handful of popular titles like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Kingdoms of Camelot, Puzzle and Dragons, Temple Run, etc.. Such phenomenon prevails these day mostly because mobile games seem to have less investment than traditional PC or console games.

Clash of Clans is one of the most successful iOS games and has the largest base of imitators. Of all Clash of Clans copies, some added some twists with a completely new theme and presentation; some slightly changed the interface layout and basic artworks and some are designed for other platforms like Facebook, and Android. However, a small portion of developers are cheating on the original by hacking the server and stealing the source code to relaunch the game in the black market.

A game called Amazing Clan War is just a game that has stolen all data from Clash of Clans and slightly changed itself. Surprisingly, it has passed the approval of the Apple Team and appeared in the worldwide app store.

I have played Amazing Clan War for a few hours and found that it is nothing but a blatant ripoff of Clash of Clan from interface, color scheme, gaming mathematics, sound, music, presentation and everything.

Honestly, I can accept a copycat with some fundamental changes. For example, Castle Clash, on the surface, is a copycat of Clash of Clans, but it has added a lot of new elements like hero concept, engaging troop survival, dungeon exploration, etc.. But if a game that completely copied the original and has been officially approved by the Apple Team, that is a shame!

Here is the iTunes App Store link for Amazing Clan War:

How to Get Hero Shards in Castle Clash

Shards or Hero Shards are rare Items dropped from dungeons for the purchase of Heroes in Castle Clash and can be obtained by challenging dungeons.

There is a chance to drop Shards by challenging dungeons. If a Dungeon marked with a Skull icon, it has a higher chance of dropping Hero Shards.

If you want to build your legendary heroes, you will have to stock up more than 1200 shards.

coc ripoff castle clash

IGG Launches Castle Clash after Clash of Lords

China-based IGG has just launched another new COC-like strategy game called Castle Clash, shortly after they opened Clash of Lords to the public.

On the surface, Castle Clash looks like Clash of Clans, but the troops in Castle Clans can be used for both attack and defense. And what is completely different from Clash of Clans in battle, Troops in Castle Clash that survive a battle will return to your base. This feature has been requested many times on Clash of Clans forum, but supercell seems not to implement this feature into Clash of Clans.

Another difference is that you can challenge dungeons to win loads of resources and prove your military might, collecting hero shards from dungeons to exchange them for mighty heroes.

Build and upgrade structures, expand your town, and improve your city’s defenses to create an impregnable fortress. Carefully placing and arranging buildings is the key to an effective defense.

Google Play Link: